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Continental Collaboration | North America | Bear Republic Brewing Co.

5th June 2018 at 12:00PM
Continental Collaboration | North America | Bear Republic Brewing Co.

The Continental Collaboration series was conceived at the end of 2017 and since then, we have been working with our network of friends and partner breweries to lock down a great range of brewers with different skillsets. These breweries, who represent unique stories and are influenced by strong provincial ties, are also those who hold our key values towards quality and environmental sustainability, and thus we could not be prouder of the team we have pulled together to launch this project. 

So, it’s time for the last brewery announcement in our Continental Collaboration series! Representing North America, we have none other than the mighty

Bear Republic! 

Located in the heart of Wine Country in Northern California, Bear Republic was founded in 1995 by the Norgrove family - third- and fourth-generation residents of the beautiful Sonoma County.

Bear Republic beers are brewed and aged following tested and proven methods, with a strong emphasis on quality ingredients and sustainability. Over several years, and countless homebrew recipes, alongside lessons learned from trial and error the team have been able to establish the solid foundations for each of their fantastic beers.

Alongside this dedication to quality, Bear Republic place a high value on making beer sustainably, and protecting the environment, both by reducing wastewater and focusing on renewable energy sources to power their brewery, which echoes our values and commitment to sustainability here at Fourpure. This focus on quality and the environment has given Bear Republic an exceptional reputation with both brewers and consumers alike, having been awarded numerous awards, including dozens of awards from the Great American Beer Festival®, one of the most prestigious competitions in the beer industry.

Taking Bear Republic’s history of brewing some of the boldest, hoppiest, full-flavoured beers in the West Coast before West Coast IPA’s were even a thing, we’ve decided to brew NorCal – our collective take on our perfect West Coast IPA. The combination of Citra, Galaxy, and Chinook in Nor Cal give you those wonderful waves of fruity, tropical hop goodness. Bear Republic and Fourpure doing Bear Republic and Fourpure. What else needs to be said.

Nor Cal will be available in limited edition 500ml cans and also in a small run of mixed 6-packs containing all of our Continental Collaboration beers, which you can pre-order now on our online shop.

All the beers we brew for this project will also be available on our epic 22 day, 21 bar Continental Collaboration Tour – check out the blog here to find a date near you.

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