Bermondsey Beer Mile

Bermondsey Beer Mile

Depending on which way you attack it, the Foupure Brewery Taproom is located  right at the start (or the end) of the beer mile.

The Bermondsey Beer Mile is an approximate two mile stretch of railway arches and industrial units that are home to more than fifteen craft breweries and even two gin distilleries.

This list does change over time, but there is plenty to choose from and we're sure you'll find delicious beer in all of those that you choose to visit.

We certainly don't recommend that you visit every single brewery in your attempt to 'do the mile' but we do encourage you to drop by for pint at the Fourpure Taproom. We also stress the fact there are so many other fantastic breweries to visit along the way either to / from our own taproom. So do a little research and plan out your stops, and you'll soon be on your way to craft beer happy.

To help with your planning, don't rely on us as we'd happily host you and your friends all day long - seek out some knowledge from the experts hosting the 'unofficial' guide to the Bermondsey Beer Mile.