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Canning Small Batch - Sustainably

8th March 2018 at 8:34PM
Inspired by Our Big Blue Planet

At Fourpure, we take sustainability very seriously: it's part of our DNA, what we do. But we’ve had a challenge. You see, the cans in our core range – the ones we can do thousands of an hour, are infinitely recyclable, and that's because we print directly onto the aluminum.

Like all cans, they are easy to recycle, they weigh less and pack down to a smaller space meaning that transport costs and impact are lower. Our challenge, however, has been on small run batches. The cans are just fine to recycle, but, and it’s a big but, the labels that are produced for them are not very easily removed and therefore can not be separated after all the lovely beer is gone. They are required to be burnt off which uses more energy and creates more bi-products in the recycling process.

For the last six months, before we could commit permanently to any small-batch canning, we’ve been looking for labels that are easily recycled. We've undertaken a thorough process and recently we have had a breakthrough. Vanish material labels that we’ll soon be using require 27% less energy to remove, 17% less water and uses 12% less CO2 - quite startling statistics. 

So, as well as reducing the amount of plastic on the cans, it means we are able to can our ever-expanding range of one-off and special run beers. And that is very exciting indeed.

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