NextUp Comedy x Fourpure

Everybody loves a comedy duo, don't they? So we've paired up with NextUp Comedy to bring you the laughs and the lager.

Here at Fourpure, we've been supporting live comedy for the past two years all across London. Actually, that's how we met the great team behind NextUp Comedy, when they streamed a Zoe Lyons gig that we'd hosted in our brewery taproom.

We've since knocked our noggins together and tried to work out how we could improve upon the ultimate pairing of great beer and great live comedy, but for people to enjoy at home.

And... Well, you're here aren't you?

We've got three packs of our easy-drinking lager for you to redeem your beer voucher against. Fourpure Lager is light, crisp and refreshing, kind of like a good stand-up set really! So, whether you're having a midweek giggle, getting your pals around to watch your favourite comedian at the Fringe or even inviting everyone back to yours from the Comedy store, one of these packs is right for you.

Enjoy! Team Fourpure.

x4 cans of Fourpure Lager

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x12 cans of Fourpure Lager

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x24 cans of Fourpure Lager

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