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Our People

The Fourpure family is inspired by our adventures and those we choose to surround ourselves with.

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can, and we have... and unlike your condescending sister or 'dad joke' telling father, our family is made up of keepers.

We've got revelers and renegades, the young at heart and old souls, we’re equal parts rolled corduroy and skinny black jeans. Walk into our office and the beautiful, tattooed, lip-pierced, beard wearing, flannel sporting degenerates share desk space with self-confessed spreadsheet nerds. Down in the brewery you'll find a ragtag bunch of thrown together misfits, who all share a common love of good beer and great times.

We truly believe you should follow your own path in this life and we’re fortunate to have all converged at the right time in this one place. Whilst some faces may come and go, the heart of what we do and what we’re trying to achieve remains constant.

We endeavour to get to as many events as possible throughout the year, you’ll see us out and about in the community and our tap room door is open to the public every Tuesday to Sunday, stop by and you’ll generally find our people celebrating one thing or another over a few beers. Come and say hi.

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