How the Global Gathering will change lives in Malawi

Brewgooder's Global Gathering on March 20-22, brings together more than 250 breweries from around the globe to give 100,000 people clean water.

On March 21, as part of the Global Gathering, Fourpure's Basecamp taproom will host 21 breweries for a massive Tap Takeover (free tickets here). We spoke to Brewgooder founder Alan Mahon about why the craft beer community is unlike any other, what his hopes are, and where the money will be going.

How did the idea of the Global Gathering come about?

Having done some small collaborations with breweries including Fourpure, Drygate or Overtone, it sparked my idea that there could be hundreds of breweries who would want to do the same.

We designed a campaign called Global Gathering, and we wanted it to be accessible to as many breweries as possible. We said: "If you can brew a unique beer and raise £500 with it, then you're in." We've now got more than 250 brewers from 24 different countries around the world from Vancouver to Brisbane, Hong Kong to Sao Paulo. We've got 151 breweries in the UK alone.

It ticks two boxes that I believe craft beer leads the way in any industry in the world. The first is collaboration - everyone wants to help everyone, and without an ulterior motive; if you ask for help, they will give it to the best of their ability. The second is innovation. As an industry, we're continually pushing the boundaries about what is possible in terms of flavour profile, taste and quality, design and innovation. I've been overwhelmed by how successful it has been in the first year.

Across the world, you'll see so much diversity in how people choose to sell their beers and raise money. There such a variety in types of beer from micro IPAs – that Fourpure– is doing to lactose-vanilla-sour beers. I can not anticipate what it will be like and I can't wait for everyone to take what we do for a weekend and make it their own. That's what's special.

What about the event at Fourpure?
I think what Fourpure is doing is pretty special by hosting everyone who is feasible to host within London. It brings one of the world'ss global cities together from a beer point of view. There are brewers of different sizes, all showcasing their beer, all having fun and coming together for a different reason to drink beer.

What happens with the money that is raised?
It goes through our charity which is the Brewgooder Foundation to different projects and partners on the ground who we work with in Malawi. We want to raise enough to bring 100,000 people clean drinking water, which for me would be a significant contribution by the craft beer industry to what is a really endemic problem. It will go on things like well construction, well rehabilitation and water mapping. It will build up the infrastructure of quite a poor country, but a country that when it's given its chance, the people and the communities who benefit can have much better lives.


In collaboration with Brewgooder, we are hosting a massive Tap Takeover to promote its Global Gathering campaign at Fourpure Basecamp as part of World Water Weekend.

Twenty-one breweries will be bringing a keg of beer brewed especially for the event, and once it's gone it's gone!
All proceeds will go towards Global Gathering and the work they are doing in Malawi. The ticket, available here, will get you a free can of our Micro IPA, Rift Valley, along with some little goodies. We'll also have raffles throughout the day where you could win some items from the various breweries participating.


As part of the Global Gathering, Fourpure has brewed Rift Valley a 2.8% Micro IPA. The profits from the beer will go to the Brewgooder Foundation. It is released at the Global Gathering on March 21 at our Basecamp Taproom, Bermondsey, London.