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What are Crowlers?

What is a crowler? The future! A crowler is a giant 32oz. can which can be filled with any of our beers fresh from the tap room and then sealed up to maintain that freshness before consumption. Like magic.

Crowlers provide an exceptional beer experience for your drinking pleasure.

They are dependable: Properly seamed Crowlers keep out taste-destroying light and oxygen, and the water-based polymer interior coating means no metal tang to disturb the unique flavours of your brew.

They’re portable: Welcome where glass containers are not, aluminium Crowlers are lightweight, shatterproof, and pack easily into backpacks and bags. They’re perfect for camping, fishing, concerts, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

Don’t forget sustainable: Crowlers are made from a majority of recycled material and are fully recyclable themselves. Just toss empty Crowlers into the recycling bin, no deposit or sterilization required.

The best thing about Crowlers is that they give us the flexibility to serve up our one-off, small batch beers in a format that can be served outside of our brewery tap room, so that you can enjoy them in the comfort of your favourite beer drinking hideaway at your pleasure. Hashtag winning.

See where the magic is created and try the freshest Fourpure direct from the Brewery.

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