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About the Brewery

Based in Bermondsey, South East London, our brewery was sourced from Purity and installed in 2013, we brew on a manual, gas powered 36hL brewhouse - about 23 british brewers barrels. Given some of the tech we now have around the brewery it’s had a fair makeover, changes since installation include upgrading our mash system and converting an old hop-back into a whirlpool helping to separate residual hops and giving us the best possible wort return from our grain.

In the main brewery we have 24 fermentation tanks, mainly 75 hL and a mix of smaller tanks for exciting beers too. Located a short walk from the main brewery but still within the estate we have three more warehouses dedicated to packaging and distribution. Our packaging warehouse houses a further 8 maturation and bright beer tanks between 70hL and 130hL, these are used to store bright beer and feed our Lambrechts kegger, CFT Master Cantronic canning line and GPI end of line case packer. Our distribution team take our beer direct to customers all over greater London and whilst we still find the vast majority of our beer on-trade ends up in the SE1 postcode, you can now find our beers across the UK and abroad.

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