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Fourpure + Bear Republic Collaboration

15th January 2015 at 9:00AM
Transatlantic Overdrive
Inspired by Bear Republic

Bear republic are known as one of the very early west coast IPA breweries with their racer 5, if not the first. It’s iconic. Dan and Jemma Lowe (just two of our illustrious founders) stopped by Bear Republic on a trip to California in May 2014 and were hosted by Brewmaster Peter Kruger and owner Ricardo. They bonded over a long morning session, loaded Dan and Jemma up with beers and then sent them to their brewpub in Healdsburg for lunch. "They comped us all the way. It was great."

Peter’s wife’s family live in the UK not far from the Lowe's and he was coming for Xmas 2014/2015 so after keeping in touch, he came to brew here at Fourpure. We had experimental hops shipped over by Bear Republic, which had all sorts of complications, but we got there.. The beer was launched at the Three Johns for which we also flew over a keg of Racer 5, it was the first one in the UK, airfreight 24 hours from filling their end to landing at ours, and pouring a day later. It was 48 hour old Racer 5 plus Transatlantic Overdrive pouring at the launch. The kegs lasted 45 minutes. Bear Republic also brewed the beer and had a great time locally with it in Cali.

Dan returned to California in April 2015 to do a tap takeover at their pub in Healdsburg and again in Septmeber 2016 with Fourpure crew in tow. They’re due back this summer (2017) for Transatlantic Overdrive 2! Brewing relationships are a wonderful thing.

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