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Top of the Mornington to You: The Flat White and Melbourne's Café Culture

6th March 2019 at 7:00AM
Written by Jimmy
Inspired by Melbourne

How many mornings begin with a piping hot coffee, which seemingly determines the entire outcome of your day? Mornington, our new Flat White IPA, takes inspiration from our love of coffee (shout out to our absolute trooper of a coffee machine - we love you) and a desire to draw the best attributes from the perfect flat white and put it into a beer.

Many of our adventures have taken us to places where coffee is grown; Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, to name a few, producing coffee beans as markedly different as the countries in which they are grown. With Mornington we look to our friends in the southern hemisphere, who have taken those delicious coffee beans, and turned them into something even more wonderful.

Now, we can hear some of you asking – what is a flat white? What makes a flat white a flat white? The flat white is a marvel of modern coffee. Take two shots of espresso, pour 160ml of the smoothest velvety milk imaginable over the top and you’ve got yourself a flat white my friend. The flat white has been a staple for Australian and New Zealand cafés for decades, but over the past five years, this great beverage has finally rooted itself in the British psyche; quite literally with all that caffeine.


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However, with fame comes controversy. The dispute over the origin of the flat white joins a long list of national treasures from which Australia and New Zealand wrestle over. Pavlova, Crowded House, Russell Crowe, and now the flat white. Regardless of its place of birth, there is no denying that both countries have helped make it great.

Melbourne, often regarded as the most liveable city in the world, is famous for its café culture. The question of what makes a café great can be extended to what makes a pub great. The reason is always different. There’s no golden rule and guidelines to follow. The determining factor for both these institutions is the feeling of home away from home, a place where close friends somehow become closer. Sharing your hopes, fears, struggles, and triumphs, and (most importantly) sharing a laugh. That is why the best cafés in Melbourne are ingrained in their communities, reflecting the culture and aesthetic of the kind of people who inhabit their haunts. It does also help that the coffee in Melbourne is probably the best in the world.


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As you can guess, we love coffee, but what do you do when it’s too late for a cup, but you want those roasted and citrus flavours? Have decaf? No chance. You have a beer of course! What we set out to achieve with Mornington was a rich creamy body, balanced with the roasted espresso character of a flat white. Your choice of origin for your beans will determine the flavour profile of your coffee, and a coffee in our eyes should have the perfect combination of chocolate and fruit characteristics, which is why we have chosen Union Coffee’s Natural Spirit blend. A blend of beans from Peru, Honduras and Ethiopia, this coffee gives Mornington a hit of zesty lemon and luxurious chocolate.

Lactose and five different types of malt give us a full creamy mouthfeel with a sweetness that is perfectly balanced with the coffee and hop bitterness. Mosaic and Cascade hops have been added at whirlpool and dry-hopped to extract blueberry and floral flavours, matching perfectly with our choice of coffee.

At the end of all this, you have Mornington; a beer we have created to encompass the communal culture that exists in the cafés of Melbourne and in the pubs of London.


Mornington will be available at Taproom and in crowler on our webshop on the 13th March

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