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Summer Beer Drop!!

3rd August 2017 at 12:29PM
Inspired by Festival season

Here at Fourpure the team keeps growing and rather than bodies piling up and a complete breakdown of communication across different areas of the brewery, we seem to be nailing down our organisational skills despite ourselves. This Summer's beer drop is a perfect example of planning and execution paying off and truth be told, with everything going on around here at the moment we're pretty proud of ourselves.

Some of these beers have been in planning since the end of 2016 and in the last 6 weeks we've release three new canned beers and five new limited run keg only beers. For those playing at home it may have been a little difficult to keep up with the blogging and social media (it has definitely been tough from our end), so in the interest of making your lives easier, we've consolidated it below in one easy to digest Beer-o-rama. Read on and get hunting, you'll find these scattered at good beer venues throughout the country or in one easy to shop location right here.

Southern Latitude | New England Style Session IPA

Southern Latitude

Just like our friends in the Antipodes, Southern Latitude is at its best during Summer and takes its heritage from a wealth of different sources. A New England style beer, brewed in the U.K., using Aussie and U.S hops. Complex by nature, this beer is naturally hazy, overshadowing a golden malt profile. The aroma offers intense, tropical fruits with pineapple, passionfruit and peach. Expect a robust, fruity and bitter flavour profile of mango, pineapple and grapefruit.

Deucebox | Citrus Double IPA

The oranges for Deucebox, our 8.3% citrus double IPA, are harvested by blasting California Dreaming through very large speakers at such a high intensity, the fruit just falls from the trees and juices itself. This is then added to our lovely citrus IPA recipe with twice the hops, twice the malt and twice the juice to serve up a punchy, tropical, glass of joy, every time.

Zehn | Dry Hopped Pilsner

Pilsner meets hops - lots of hops. On the one hand this beer is comfortingly familiar, refreshing, clean & crisp. On the other hand, hops. Lots of hops. The classic noble notes of Saaz are paired with the slightly more aggressive American variety Sterling to create herbal & spicy background noes. Next, we layer on the more exotic and exciting hop flavours of the South Pacific, with Australian Summer's citrus & apricot character complemented by New Zealand's modern classic Motueka's lively lemon & lime flavours. Oh and did we mention that we dry hop it? Yeah, they don't make 'em like this in Germany.

London Beer City | South Pacific Pale


Three of South London’s best breweries joined forces to brew this South Pacific-inspired, hazy Pale Ale. We used a generous amount of oats to impart a thick, creamy mouthfeel, and heaps of hops from New Zealand & Australia for an exotic hop character. Double dry hopped for extra flavour, expect flavours and aromas of peach, passionfruit and fresh citrus.

Ground Control | Coffee Pale

We hand selected the coffee beans for this brew, choosing a blend that reminds us of tangerine, candied orange and cooked peach – which we figured would go nicely in a big, bold, hoppy West Coast Pale. A simply grist supports an assertive hop profile of tropical fruit and citrus, but it all comes together because of the coffee. We added whole coffee beans directly to the tank when the beer was cold conditioning, to impart a smooth, well rounded coffee character to the beer.

Hop Tart | Dry Hopped Sour

We first launched Hop Tart back in the early days of Fourpure in 2015. We loved it back then (and so did many of you), so we decided to bring it back. In the intervening years we’ve grown and matured a lot as a brewery, and we like to think that the 2017 edition of Hop Tart demonstrates how far we’ve come. This is a kettle soured session beer (no, not Berliner or a Gose, you pernickety beer writers) fermented with a Saison yeast before being dry hopped to smithereens. Dry hopped with Citra, Centennial and Cascade for a big fruity hit of hop flavour and aroma. Refreshing, lightly tart, and hoppy.

Skyfall | Scotch Ale

Skyfall is rich and deeply malty. We used six different malts to create a deep brown beer with ruby highlights. Swirl it in your glass to admire this beer’s velvety body. Caramel sweetness upfront is followed by a wee bit of roasted malt character. Supremely balanced and full bodied – a true, sophisticated dessert beer.

Lost in Tea | Green Tea Saison

This is a rustic, farmhouse beer that has been infused with gorgeously aromatic Japanese jasmine green tea. Gold in color and lightly hazy, this is a highly aromatic beer, with notes of jasmine flowers, lemon, black pepper, and herbal tea jumping from the glass. We used a highly expressive Belgian yeast strain to create a spicy, refreshing saison with a satisfyingly dry finish. The tea integrates elegantly to create a complex yet highly drinkable beer.

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