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My oh Mai Tai: The Tale of Castaway

20th February 2019 at 7:00AM
Written by Jimmy

Imagine this. You’re on a tropical island. The hot sun beating down around you as you are protected by your trusty red-and-white beach umbrella. Closing your eyes, all you can hear is the ocean lapping up against the shore, before it retreats out to sea, and repeats the process. Your feet dig into, if not the whitest, the softest sand you have ever experienced. The most difficult part of your day? Negotiating with your mates whose round it is (there’s always one round dodger). In your hand/s, a giant coconut filled with a tropical citrusy concoction, packed with ice, a straw with eyes only for you, and its very own trusty beach umbrella.

You got that picture in your head? Great.

Now picture a trading estate in South Bermondsey, a lack of funds for flights to Tahiti, and you’re left with only one option. Bring the beach to Fourpure!

So that’s what we have done with Castaway, a beer masquerading as a tropical cocktail. Our Mai Tai Double IPA takes inspiration from the classic tiki cocktail that consists of two types of rum, lime juice, orange curacao, orgeat syrup and pineapple juice (depending on what recipes you look at).



First thing first, we had to research the Mai Tai. The original drink was invented in the 40s when the tiki craze in America was kicking off, the modern Mai Tai comes with many creative twists, we felt it important that we selflessly sacrificed some nights around London trying as many Mai Tai’s as was humanly possible.

After several long research sessions, it turns out it’s all about the citrus; built on a rum base, the orange and the lime really come to the forefront, this helped with our hop selection to create a big, boozy Double IPA. The use of Amarillo, Citra, and Denali give the beer a striking tropical aroma with hints of orange, passionfruit, and pineapple. The use of oats during the mash-in results in a more well-rounded body, with a reduced bitterness, but enough to be true to style. The addition of natural flavours of orange, lime, and almond give the final touches for this homage to the tiki classic.

So, during what’s left of this dreary winter, let Castaway transport you to the sunshine of the South Pacific. Let the sun kiss your face, the sand massage your feet, and keep the Mai Tai’s (Double IPA’s) coming! 

Order Castaway on our webshop or come down for a chilled one at our taproom.



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