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Fresh is Best: Monsoon

10th May 2019 at 7:00AM

Fresh beer is the best beer. Beer is a living, perishable product that can degrade and change over time from natural factors like oxygen and light and the ingredients we use. Since day 1 we have chosen to package our beer in can and keg as our modern hop-forward beers can be impacted more than your run-of-the-mill lagers or ales - they start with more character and there’s more to lose.

So, we say it again, fresh is best. And whilst we do everything we can to keep our beer in the best possible condition by controlling all production, packaging and distribution in-house here on our South Bermondsey estate, we can’t always guarantee what happens when it has left our loving arms.




We’ve been fortunate that our beers have been well received over the years and even more fortunate that they’ve been picked up on a national (and international) level for distribution by some great bars, pubs and retailers who have chosen to support us and share the dream. All of this is great for beer lovers; new and interesting beers, more range to choose from, more great breweries creating interesting styles and using interesting ingredients. The challenge of course is to make sure that people are getting this beer at its absolute best.

We do this through can and keg and by serving fresh, flavoursome beer direct from our brewery across 20 lines at our taproom bar. We also decided to create a beer where fresh is the only option.

Ladies and gentlemen introducing (drum roll please)… MONSOON.

We wanted to go classic and showcase the best of our favourite flavours, so we’ve created a fresh, juicy pale ale. Tropical monsoons are localised to warm, sunny countries along the equator, the abundance of rainfall helps in the production of juicy, full-flavoured tropical fruits. Our Monsoon is just the same, full of intense tropical fruit flavours and aroma thanks to six varieties of hops. Pale malt, oats and wheat give Monsoon it’s natural haze and fuller body. We’ve had a couple of runs at it and the (absolutely banging) finished product is launching around London this week.




How do we keep it fresh? Great question. Brewed in small batches to make sure this beer is never sitting around, Monsoon is only distributed by our hard-working drivers to London-direct on-trade accounts, who are kindly requested to “serve immediately”. This reduces Monsoon’s travel time from brewery to pub and cellar to your glass, meaning a fresher, juicier, tastier pint.

Ultimately, with the creation of Monsoon we want people to know when walking into their local and they see Monsoon on the taps, they’re going to have a super fresh pint full of tropical goodness that makes them go, “Ah!” after every sip. Monsoon is now available in pubs around London (and wherever our vans can reach), so if you see it, try it, knowing you’re enjoying a beer exactly as our brewers intended.

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