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Fourpure on Tour | Singapore & Japan

11th September 2017 at 1:51PM
Written by Adrian
Fourpure on Tour | Singapore & Japan

The world is a big place... or maybe it's a small world (I can never remember). 

When it comes to communication, social media has definitely helped to decrease distance and increase accessibility. Sadly when it comes to production and distribution, there's only so much technology can do to help get our beer from point A to point B - and one of those things is not bring countries closer to the brewery.

As beer lovers know, when it comes to hops and preserving flavour, fresh is best. Given the logistics of getting shipments across borders and the time taken in transit, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our quality and freshness. Early on we made the decision to can our beers and have since invested in a world class canning line which helps us reduce the amount of oxygen (and light) getting to our beer. We focus on getting paperwork right the first time and working closely with shipping partners and distributors to streamline time spent in transit and get beer on shelves and into venues in the quickest possible way.

All the measures taken to control quality and consistency, paired with a focus on brewing new and innovative beers (alongside an accessible core range) has seen us grow our export business through Europe, Asia and as far away as Australia.

This week Dan and Tom (brewery owners/founders) are headed to Singapore to roll out a localised version of our popular Juicebox 500 tour - an event that saw us travel across the UK throughout summer pouring beers and making new friends.

The following week they'll be in Japan on what is shaping up to be one of the most hectic week-long schedules we've seen at the brewery to date. With beer being air-freighted fresh to Japan and even more dates added to our (now global) Juicebox 500 tour, it's an exciting opportunity to showcase what we do here in London to the world.

While in Singapore we'll be showcasing a comprehensive range of our latest beers and whilst in Japan we'll be rolling out more beers and meeting with local brewers, including an exciting collaboration project we have in the works. This is what craft beer is all about - sharing, learning and working together to continually improve what we do, it doesn't hurt that we get to drink good beer, meet good people and stay inspired on these crazy Adventures.

If you're in Singapore or Japan, keep an eye on our twitter account for event updates @fourpurebrewing.

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