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Eventide | Blueberry Smoothie IPA

25th September 2017 at 9:00AM
Eventide | Blueberry Smoothie IPA

Sometimes people ask us what does 'inspired by adventure' mean in the context of the beers we brew. From day one founders Dan and Tom Lowe have taken inspiration and their love of a broad range of beers and used this to create styles of beer we enjoy drinking. Some of our beers are based upon current global trends and some, like Eventide, come from a moment or location that drive innovation and allow us to address how we think about the beer we brew.

The seed of Eventide was planted when brewer Paul was in Copenhagen last year and had a blueberry yoghurt smoothie in a food market. Whilst the beer has evolved since its inception, the concept remains that of a creamy blueberry fruit smoothie IPA (whatever that means). We've given it a hefty spike of front-loaded bitterness to balance out the full-bodied sweetness.

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