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Don't Stand Still

31st March 2017 at 9:00AM
Written by Adrian
Don't Stand Still
Inspired by Good people and great beer.

When you were a kid, everyone was always telling you to stand still all the time. It's hard for your parents to button your school shirt when you're trying to nail down the MC Hammer shuffle, and that incessant tapping (foot, fork, micro monster truck) at the dinner table would likely drive everyone insane. 

The irony of this is that as you grow up and get older, you want everyone around you to move at a faster pace. Whether it's the tourists on the tube who act like they've never used public transport before, being put on hold or just standing in line at the bank (people still go there right?), it seems like no one can get anything done quickly enough.

That's why working in a small brewery, specifically this small brewery, is awesome. You're effectively surrounded by child-like adults. The thinking tends to be forward and entrepreneurial and there is a real need to be nimble, proactive and open to change.

In the three-something years since Fourpure opened its doors, we have evolved exponentially on a monthly basis, so much so that the brewery today is barely recognisable from 12 months ago, and infinitely more than the 12 months prior to that. This is not to say that who are we are and what we stand for has changed in any way, this is more a representation of how we approach every day when we turn up and mash in. 

Co-founders (and brothers) Dan and Tom Lowe give every single person in the brewery an opportunity to have a say and make a difference, there is a real open-door policy, in fact they don't have doors and they sit smack bang in the middle of the rabble in Unit 22, just above the brew house and tap room. 

This ability to harness ideas coupled with an 'invest and grow' policy has seen us constantly innovate and push the boundaries of what is expected from a craft brewery. Our ever evolving brewing kit, expansion from one warehouse into four (soon to be five) and installation of a world class canning line have all been substantial leaps forward in operations. Last year's sensory training programme showcased an unprecedented dedication to staff training and quality control for a brewery our size, and our events approach, coupled with direct social media access to important people within the brewery (not some agency-run generic response unit) means that as we grow, you, our beloved beer lovers, should always feel like you're part of that growth and part of the family.

This year we incredibly picked up Most Innovative Brewery and Brewery of the Year (courtesy of SIBA) as testament to this hard work and our constant push forwards. The launch of our new website is a commitment to making sure you have access to all of the news and information you need and we will soon launch crowler* sales through our online shop giving you access to EVERY Fourpure beer that comes through our tap room, tell us that doesn't get you a little excited for Sunday sessions this summer.

We have no signs of slowing, with a new tap room and brewery planned for 2017 and more ways to get hold of our beers and our people, we believe that standing still is for mannequins, wax people and those random street performers that paint themselves gold trying to earn a few quid. Hope you can come along for the ride.

*Blog post on crowlers coming soon.

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