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17th February 2017 at 10:43AM
Inspired by Bermondsey, London

Beer, beer, everywhere but not all of it to drink. All across the world great breweries are opening and staying open. This is a wonderful thing as it means the amount of good beer available to drinkers is going up; on the flip side, more beer being brewed means the possibility of more bad beer being available as well. Brewers are not wizards; it takes skill, knowledge, an immense attention to detail and sometimes a bit of luck to get the perfect brew. With new breweries opening left, right and centre brewing the occasional outstanding brew isn’t enough to be at the top of the pile. In the world of modern brewing, for a brewery to be outstanding they need to produce outstanding beer every single time they mash in.

Given the importance of consistency and quality there have been a few changes in the way things are being done down here at Fourpure HQ. Firstly… Jen and her lab. Jen is our new quality technician and brings a wealth of knowledge on the inner workings of how a top draw lab works, upon arrival she got straight to work on planning and ordering our new lab equipment which will installed and up and running in the next few weeks.

Secondly… Sensory training. Fourpure has enlisted the help of Cara Industries who are the worlds leading flavour sensory training company to train up a total of 30 members of staff in detecting off flavours and discrepancies in beer. Gone are the days of a single brewer drinking a pint out of tank, giving it a thumbs-up and it being put straight into a keg or can. Our beer now has the ability to be OK’d by 30 trained palates. The beauty of having this many noses and mouths assessing the beer is that everyone’s palate is slightly different; for example, someone might be amazing at picking up isovaleric (cheesy) but completely blind to mercaptan (bin juice). Combining the team to create a hive mind of tasters assessing the beer every single day means nothing will be missed (FYI when we say ‘assessing’ and ‘tasting’ we mean millilitres… not pints).


We aren’t claiming to be wizards quite yet but with the help of the new lab and a star-studded line up of tasters assessing the beer daily the magic circle shouldn’t be too far away.

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