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Brewery Update | Brewhouse Warming

21st December 2017 at 2:24PM
Written by Adrian

In what has been a long-anticipated lead-up, we've had a frantic few months here around the brewery. On an almost daily basis, there are visible changes taking place - whether that be the installation of our 12 new 200-hectolitre fermentation tanks, the addition of pale and lager malt silos, a new centrifuge, new grain crusher or the shiny new Craft Star brewhouse that was commissioned last week, it's all happening.

The additional kit not only adds efficiency and increases our brewing capabilities, it gives us tighter controls, affords us better yields and has lots of fun features that will allow us to better manage wort movement, hop additions and a myriad of technical efficiencies that will refine our beer and change our brewers lives for the better.

We've been able to make these changes by acquiring an additional warehouse within our trading estate, the additional warehouse has also given us the opportunity to expand and enhance our brewery taproom, where you can now enjoy up to 20 taps of our latest seasonal brews and flagship favourites. We have installed family friendly, wheelchair accessible loos, a new viewing mezzanine, and a permanent meeting room, which will be available to hire.

Saturday 16th of December saw us brew on the new Brewhouse for the first time, mere weeks after it arrived on site and we can't wait to test the results. The most exciting thing about all of this for you, dear reader?  

We're throwing a party to celebrate. What better way to do that then by unleashing the first lot of special, one-off beers brewed on our new, monstrous kit - all for your drinking pleasure. Saturday, Feb 10th we'll be hosting the Fourpure 'brewHouse Warming' party and we'll be giving away merchandise, beers and other brewery goodies throughout the day, as well as keeping your ears entertained and the drinking spirit alive with live music in the afternoon.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for announcements about live music, entertainment to get involved with, food trucks and of course, the highly anticipated beer list.

Tickets are available from £5 and include a Fourpure Brewhouse Warming commemorative glass, which we will fill up for you when you arrive (with beer of course). Upgrade to the full package ticket and get an exclusive Fourpure Brewhouse Warming t-shirt as well as your glass and beer. 

Hope to see you there!


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