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Fourpure Brewery Expansion

22nd May 2017 at 9:00AM
Fourpure Brewery Expansion
Inspired by Bermondsey, London

London is expensive, housing is expensive and there’s not enough of it. It seems to be a mantra for councils and developers alike, we’re well shot of old warehouses and manufacturing space, make way for the people. There’s no room for industry in this town.

No one would argue that we’re lacking in affordable housing and you can't avoid the daily reports outlining the difficulty in getting a foothold on the property ladder, but once London is wall-to-wall apartment blocks, where are we supposed to go to work?

Here at Fourpure we've been very fortunate to get the support of the local community and businesses, so much so that we've grown quite rapidly since our first brew in 2013, but this has put us in a position over the last six months where we have had to question our future in London. Trying to find industrial space to grow into at an affordable cost is a difficult proposition, but with a clear growth strategy and some sound financial management we have stayed the course, expanding into our trading estate one warehouse at a time. 

Determined to grow into the city we love rather than move out of it, we were very excited to announce last week that off the back of a £2m investment we will soon expand our state-of the art brewing, packaging and distribution business into a fifth warehouse, covering a total of 25,000 square feet and allowing us to increase production capability by 400% to 14 million pints per year.


The heart of the expansion will be a state of the art 4 vessel Craft-Star brewing system from GEA. The Brewhouse is best in class for automation and beer quality, it’s the first of its kind to hit the UK and places us at the forefront of what is an increasingly demanding industry. In addition to production capabilities, it also supports our long standing commitment to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact by deploying outstanding credentials from water use and energy saving to heat recovery and vapour condensing.

The investment also includes the purchase of some additional pieces of the quality puzzle including an upgraded centrifuge, a precision carbonation module, malt and spent grain silos and 12 shiny 200hL fermentation tanks.  All of this equipment will be installed over summer and producing beer in September.

Determined to lead in education, efficiency and quality control, we're not just focused on our brewing and packaging capabilities, there is a real drive to optimise process and practices across the business. We were humbled and of course very proud earlier in the year when our investment in a beer sensory training program (along with broader business practice) saw us pick up the UK’s Most Innovative and Best Brewery Business at the 2017 SIBA (Society of Independent Brewer) Awards. 

The expansion of the new brewery will also see an expansion to the existing hospitality space, providing a modern, inviting tap room where you can come and try an ever changing range of beers from 16 taps and celebrate our continued pursuit of the best beer we can make, right here in the heart of London. 


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