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21st November 2016 at 12:00AM
Written by Adrian

A simple grist of Pale Ale malt with a hint of Rye gives the beer an elegant background character with a full mouthfeel and a hint of spice. Simcoe is the hop in charge, lending prominent passionfruit and orange flavors to the beer. Citra and Mandarina Bavaria provide background character, underscoring the citrus and tropical characteristics of the Simcoe. What really differentiates this beer is the combination of citrus and spices that we added in the whirlpool and with the dry hops. A combination of fresh orange zest, candied lemon peel, candied orange peel, coriander seed, orange marmalade, and hibiscus give this beer an enticing citrus flavour dominated by orange and augmented by the coriander seed. Very refreshing, very interesting, and very drinkable.

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