Oatmeal Stout

Creamy, Chocolate & Espresso | 5.1% ABV

Oatmeal Stout

The first stouts were brewed in London, originally designated as strong ales, they gradually became associated solely with porters and matured as a diverse style by their own merit. We wanted to do our London heritage proud, Fourpure Oatmeal Stout is full-bodied and creamy with a rich dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavour. A modern London beer, steeped in tradition.

Available in 330ml Can and 30l Keg

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Available in Keg Oatmeal Stout

A little story about

How Oatmeal Stout came to be

A little history lesson for you (stolen directly from Wikipedia, but we believe everything we read on the internet); The first known use of the word stout for beer was in a document dated 1677 found in the Egerton Manuscript, the sense being that a stout beer was a strong beer not a dark beer. The name porter was first used in 1721 to describe a dark brown beer that had been made with roasted malts. Because of the huge popularity of porters, brewers made them in a variety of strengths. The stronger beers were called "stout porters", so the history and development of stout and porter are intertwined, and the term stout has become firmly associated with dark beer, rather than just strong beer. So there's that.

Fourpure Oatmeal Stout: A Stout of virtue and proud London heritage. It tastes good to. 

Brew Sheet

  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.1%
  • International Bitterness Units: 30
  • Original Gravity: 13.3
  • Final Gravity: 3.8
  • Colour: Black

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