Deucebox Citrus Double IPA

Juicy, juicy, juicy | 8.3%

Deucebox Citrus Double IPA

Available from July to September

The oranges for Deucebox, our 8.3% citrus double IPA, are harvested by blasting California Dreaming through very large speakers at such a high intensity, the fruit just falls from the trees and juices itself. This is then added to our Citrus IPA recipe with twice the hops, twice the malt and twice the juice to serve up a punchy, tropical, glass of joy, every time.

Available in 330ml Can and 30l Keg

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Available in Keg Deucebox Citrus Double IPA

A little story about

How Deucebox Citrus Double IPA came to be

We'd like to pretend that this beer was inspired by long sunny afternoons strolling through the orange orchards of Valencia, which would be nice, but the truth is we liked Juicebox so much we wanted to fill a swimming pool with it and float lazily whilst bathing in its delicious joy. Maximum juice. This is like that... but you drink it... from a can.

Brew Sheet

  • 8.3%: Alcohol By Volume
  • 70: International Bitterness Units
  • 19.0: Original Gravity
  • 3.5: Final Gravity
  • Deep Gold: Colour

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